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Health is around the corner in the heart of Leitrim!

At ChecKin Health we help busy and stressed people who struggle with tiredness, anxiety, digestive issues or skin conditions to heal their gut so they can significantly reduce or completely eliminate their symptoms once and for all.


My name is Juli and I am originally from Berlin in Germany. My clinic is based in Carrick on Shannon where I trade as ChecKin Health. I am qualified in Advanced Systematic Kinesiology through the ASK Association Ireland, and I specialise in Bio Kinesiology where I hold my qualifications with the BKAI. Bio Kinesiology is a complex area of expertise and there are only a small number of practicing Bio Kinesiologists currently in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

How it all began

Like other practitioners I have come to Kinesiology through my own ill-health, when a ‘mystery’ virus coincided with a stressful time in my personal life. Modern medicine and all other avenues I had explored at the time did not help me to recover.  A set of three treatments by a recommended kinesiologist restored me to former full health within a month, which seemed like a miracle at the time.

It was only much later that I realised that the practitioner did not have ‘the cure’, but that kinesiology is in fact a skill set which can be studied and practiced.  This was my key moment – and since then I have passionately immersed myself in the study of Kinesiology and Bio Kinesiology, becoming a highly trained and qualified practitioner.

What else?

I am continually working on my professional development, concentrating especially on biochemistry, mental health, gut health, hormonal imbalances and the safe removal of toxins from the body.

At the start of my career I worked in the area of trauma and abuse within the social and childcare sector. By understanding the challenges and vulnerability of trauma I can provide a safe and confidential space for my clients. I have written my thesis on the subject matter of sexual abuse and I have worked with affected individuals both in Germany and Ireland.

Releasing Trauma is possible

To free yourself from trauma and continue life unhindered by ‘what happened to you’ is possible. Adding my experience in trauma-work to my kinesiology practice is of tremendous benefit, as releasing trapped emotions from the physical body can be the key to complete recovery.

At ChecKin Health we see clients of all ages, children, teenagers and adults.