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What our clients say...

‘I think of going to Juli like getting an MOT for the car that is me. A safe space to check in, everything about my emotional and physical well-being and to get a tailored made plan for me. Juli is so warm and reassuring. Nothing I share is too much. I know I will be met with compassion and understanding, also enthusiasm and an ever-growing skill set and techniques to assist me in my healing journey. I treasure every session. After having removed the initial toxins like metals and post virus we are now working on releasing individual trapped emotions and energy blockages. Also, to test if individual foods or supplements suit me and get the best advice for my body is vastly reassuring.’

E.L. 33 years

‘Juli is truly professional, warm hearted and inspirational in dealing with clients and using her knowledge and skills acquired in Biokinesiology.’

O.H. 42 years

‘A few weeks ago I was in organ failure. I couldn’t breathe properly. My mind wasn’t functioning, my sight was failing, I was in constant pain and everything I tried to eat or drink tasted awful, which left me with eating problems. I went to ChecKin Health. Thankfully Juli found the underlying problem (Toxic Metals and Chemicals) and to this day I believe she saved my life and I will never be able to thank her enough for what she has done for me so far. I will be having more treatments and I would absolutely say it to everyone please go for this treatment it is amazing. Thank you Juli xx’

J.S. 48 years

‘I cannot recommend ChecKin enough. I had a treatment for my fear of public speaking and cannot believe the difference it has made!! Also, very relaxing and welcoming.’

H.T. 67 years

‘I have had a few treatments with Juli and have found her gentle and sincere approach calming & reassuring. Juli has helped me with my physical and emotional health. She is a gifted practitioner.’

G.B. 56 years

‘I have been feeling very low through all my teenage years. My dad was worried and brought me to ChecKin Health when I said I cannot feel anything right now. Juli found some ‘badies’ she removed with a couple of nutrients. One was post virus which could have been in my body for a long time. Also, high copper which is seemingly not good for mental health. The hardest is giving up dairy for a while, but I am sticking with it. She found that I need liquid Zinc and a B Vitamin and the difference since a month is big. I can actually feel calm and sometimes even happy now. The muscle testing is a bit weird at the beginning, but I got used to it quickly and it was quite funny to see how dairy made my muscles all weak. Also, I thought it might be a bit weird getting my body tested by a woman, but Juli put me at ease straight away and we even had a few laughs. I will go back for follow up and finding out more.’

N.G. 17 years

‘Juli is highly knowledgeable in this field. Felt very at ease with her. AMAZING how she got to the bottom of my gut problems I’ve been having for years. Can’t wait to go back in few weeks to this friendly highly attentive lady. Definitely a 5 out of 5. HIGHLY RECOMMEND’

A.N. 38 years

‘I needed a couple of treatments as I have a few things wrong with me, so far I got rid of candida, parasites, virus and post virus, now we are working on getting my digestion better again and balancing all the gut bacteria etc. This treatment is very thorough, I recommend this highly!! I have more energy!!’

S.C. 55 years

‘After months of crippling pain in my feet (took me minutes in the morning before I could walk properly) I woke up, got out of bed and something was different, NO PAIN!! Seems like a miracle…’

C.M. 51 years

‘I have been suffering from itchy spots on my arm and back. Also fatigue plus pain and inflammation in my joints. Juli was able to identify the root cause of my problem. She recommended some changes in my diet and a few nutritional supplements. After following Juli’s advice for only a few weeks I can’t believe how good I feel. The itchy spots have gone and the joint pain & fatigue are much improved. Juli is an excellent BioKinesiologist who really gets results’

B.G. 55 years

I went to Juli for a Biokinesiology treatment which took an hour or so, during that time she checked out many pathways in my body including digestion, endocrine, liver, and hormones. She is very caring and really knows her stuff, she explained everything to me and now I am on the road to good health. I have had many health issues over the years including cancer and she was so well informed and I know she will help me be my healthiest self.
C.W. 59 years

‘Juli is a compassionate educated woman who truly listens and looks at the bigger picture. Practical and simple solutions for health issues incorporating emotional and physical layers.’

L.D. 43 years