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Treating anxiety and tiredness in Leitrim

60 minute treatment – Treating anxiety and tiredness with Bio Kinesiology

You are feeling tired, or anxious, or  both. Treating anxiety and tiredness with Bio Kinesiology by looking for its root cause makes it so successful. You know that something is not right, even though the blood test revealed nothing and your GP was not able to help you further. You feel hormonal, or you have skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis for years. You suffer from allergies like hay fever, or you have been put on an inhaler for regular asthma flare-ups. Some foods do not agree with you but you cannot see a pattern as to know for sure.

If you are feeling out of balance and cannot put a finger on what is wrong, this treatment is for you. Bio Kinesiology addresses all aspects of health, and we determine bio-chemical, emotional, structural or energetic root causes.

We assess your gut-health and functioning of your digestion, and we identify all potential toxins in your body. Usually those toxins affect your hormones, thyroid, liver pathways, adrenals and your energy production. You might be having symptoms of tiredness and  anxiety, digestive problems, skin or hair issues – these are all indications that your bio-chemical pathways are inhibited.

You will get a 4 week plan on nutrition, on how to treat your individual toxins and your deficiencies.

In a follow-up session we will look at structural problems which usually manifest in the jaw joint, the spine, or shoulders and pelvic/ lumbar area. We will also look at trapped emotions or any energetic blockage that contributes to your ill-health.

Treating anxiety and tiredness with Bio Kinesiology

To reach optimum and lasting results we recommend a set of 3 visits, but improvements can usually be felt after the first consultation, following our recommended treatment plan. If you suffer with any auto-immune condition, consider 4 to 6 consultations or The Complete Gut Rescue individually tailored to your exact needs.

healing your gut with Bio Kinesiology
What is covered in this 60 minute treatment?
  • complete assessment and correction of sluggish digestion and absorption
  • removal and drawing out of individual toxins
  • repair of cell damage in intestinal lining
  • complete food sensitivity testing
  • treatment of liver detoxification function

complete 60 mins treatment 60


If you suffer from stress and emotional strains consider our full 90 minute  treatment with additional emotional work tailored to your needs.

healing your gut with Bio Kinesiology